Pinyin Tools and Information

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About Pinyin

Pinyin is the Romanization (using "abc" alphabet) of Chinese words to assist foreigners with learning the language. My personal opinion is that more efficiency is achieved when focusing on imitating actual speech, rather than translating a complicated pinyin system. That's why I use audio with natural language pinyin, or what I call "EZ" pinyin, in my lessons. However, there are more popular pinyin systems for traditional learning. If you'd like to familiarize yourself with standard pinyin, I would suggest reading the first lesson of FSI Mandarin or FSI Cantonese.

Pinyin Conversion Tool #1  | Type standard pinyin "on the fly" using numbers to indicate tones

Example: to get "nà ge duō shǎo qián", you'd type: "na4 ge duo1 sha3o qia2n"

Pinyin Conversion Tool #2  | Paste and convert pinyin from standard numerical format (numbers after the words)

Sample entry: "na4 ge duo1 shao3 qian2"