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Being a native of Hong Kong and China, I am an expert in both the Simplified and Traditional writing styles. And as a University of California honors graduate, majoring in Political Science, I am fully fluent in the English language as well. This first hand exposure to, and familiarity with, both languages enables me to provide translations that are both grammatically correct and culturally sensitive.

Some of the professional Chinese translation services I provide:

  • Literature, technical manuals, and reports.
  • Business cards, logos, slogans, and ads.
  • Website translation and content localization.
  • Personal letters and adoption correspondence.
  • Homework assistance and proofing.
  • Medical and legal documents and contracts.
  • Restaurant menus, resumes, patents.
  • Political fliers, speeches, and commercials.
  • Movie scripts and subtitles.

If there's any other Chinese translation you need performed, please contact me - No job is too small or large! I have excellent references available as well.

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My Professional Chinese Translation Rates:

Given the wide range of requirements that translation projects present, it's best to contact me for a custom quote. However, to give you some idea of rates I've charged in the past:

  • A multi-volume children's novel:    $0.04 per word/character
  • Thirty minutes of homework proofreading:    $15 flat fee
  • Technical document or contract due in 7 days:    $0.10 per word/character
  • Technical document or contract due in 24 hours:    $0.15 per word/character

Those are just some examples. Typically my rate varies between 7¢ and 12¢ (US cents) per word, depending on the length, complexity, required and turnaround time. By charging per character, as opposed to an hourly rate, I am able to quote a total fee for your project before getting started.

You may be able to find a better rate by using an overseas Chinese translator, but I might suggest that you split your first project between such a service and myself to see who provides better accuracy and value :)

To get more information, or for a quote, please contact me via this form:

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* If there are documents involved, I'll reply with an email address or fax number that you can send them to.
** I never send spam, and your email address will not be used by anyone but me.

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