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Being a native Chinese speaker, as well as a U.S. college graduate fluent in English, I am able to provide accurate and culturally sensitive Chinese interpretation for just about all your business, medical, legal, and personal needs. And since I'm based in the United States with a high speed Internet connection, meeting with you or multiple parties via Skype or conference call is easy.

Examples of the Chinese interpretation services that I provide:

  • Transcription of audio recordings.
  • Business meeting facilitation.
  • Phone calls for marriage & adoption.
  • Chinese / English voiceover work.
  • Medical and legal interpretation.
  • Employment interviews and screening.
  • Live phone, Skype or other VOIP calls.
  • English to/from Chinese Mandarin or Cantonese.
  • Mandarin to/from Cantonese.

These are just some examples of common interpretation assignments. Please don't hesitate to contact me if your project differs from what you see here.

* For medical and legal interpretation, it's helpful if I'm first briefed on the nature of the project so I can familiarize myself with specialized terminology beforehand.

Chinese Interpreter

My Professional Chinese Interpretation Rates:

Assuming your project can be handled virtually (e.g. via phone, Skype, or other VOIP), I will typically charge a flat hourly fee, with a 30 minute minimum. If there are any toll charges (e.g. an overseas landline phone call), you'd simply cover my costs.

If your project involves transcription of audio recordings, I can provide an exact quote based on the number of words or length of the recording.

For more information, or to get a quote, please contact me via this form:

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