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Getting a Chinese Tattoo?   Learning Chinese Characters?

Chinese tattoos are a popular form of body art, and browsing designs is also a great way to learn some interesting Chinese characters! This page does not in any way intend to encourage tattooing, as such is an entirely personal choice. However, if getting "inked" is your intention, I think you'll find more great ideas for Chinese tattoos here than anywhere else on the Internet!

If you intend to get a Chinese tattoo, please read this warning

Custom Chinese Tattoo Translation

If you have a particular wording in mind that you'd like to translate to Chinese, or if you'd like assistance with selecting Chinese characters for any type of design needs, please scroll to the bottom of this page. I can also provide designs with other fonts, as well as size the characters for easy tracing by a tattoo artist.

Most Popular Chinese Tattoos   [Click Here to View]

On this page you'll find about a hundred popular words and phrases that people often search for as tattoos. But while there are certainly some good choices, don't expect much originality.

Examples: Beauty, Calm, Clarity, Courage, Destiny, Faith, Family, Freedom, Happiness, Integrity, Karma, Life, Love, Mother, Peace, Power, Promise, Soulmate, Wisdom, and over a hundred others.

Single Character Chinese Tattoo Designs     [View Online]   [Download]

I usually only recommend one character tattoos if your primary interest is the aesthetic appearance of a tattoo, because single character words in Chinese are usually quite vague. However, there is definitely something to be said for simplicity, and these are also great characters for practicing your Chinese writing.

Examples of one character designs: Forgive, God, Heart, Kind, Longevity, Passion, Pray, Sin, Trust, Wish, Zen, and many more.

2-3 Character Chinese Tattoo Designs     [View Online]   [Download]

With two characters you can usually be a lot more specific with the idea or concept that you're trying to convey. For example, while there is a one character word for "love", with 2-3 characters you can say something more specific like "lover", "in love", "I love you", "unlimited love", "pure love", "true love", etc.

Examples of other 2-3 character designs: Afterlife, Bad girl, Breathe, Conscience, Dreamer, Earth, Enlightenment, Imagine, Individuality, Lover, Magic, Miracle, No regrets, Optimism, Patriotic, Prosperity, Respect, Risk taker, Seeker, Soul, Tolerance, Traveler, Unity, Victory, Wife, Yinyang

4 Character Chinese Tattoo Designs     [View Online]   [Download]

With four characters you start to get some very special idioms and proverbs. Here are some examples:

5+ Character Chinese Tattoo Designs     [View Online]   [Download]

As with the four character combinations above, you'll find even more wise, unique, and original ideas in this collection. You are far more likely to have an "original" tattoo if you select something with 4 or more characters..


As mentioned above, please do not make the mistake of getting a Chinese tattoo without consulting with either me or another native speaker. Many of the translations found online are incomplete, sometimes completely incorrect, or often mirrored (reversed) by digital cameras and printers. It's really sad to see people with tattoos that mean something completely different from what they intended, or tattoos that are written backwards. Just a small effort could have helped avoid such mistakes.

If you'd like to get my assistance with confirming the meaning of an image you've found on this site or any other, or with creating a custom Chinese tattoo, please click here for more information about my services.

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